Printable Montessori Number Rods Pattern Cards

Number rods pattern cards are a perfect extension after the child was shown how to hold and transport number rods from the shelf to the rug.

A child looks at these patterns and attempts to copy them using the Montessori number rods. It’s fun and challenge at the same time!

Printable Montessori Number Rods Pattern Cards

Printable set of number rods pattern cards is available in my Etsy shop. There are 24 different patterns for 10 red and blue number rods. If you don’t have the Montessori number rods, you can try a printable version.

Printable number rods pattern cards are easy to print. You have a choice of printing 1 card, 2 cards or 4 cards on A4 or US Letter size paper. You can optionally laminate the cards for durability and round the corners using a corner punch.

Alternatively, you can print them out 1 pattern per page and insert them into plastic pockets to make a pattern “book”.

Printed and laminated pattern cards


  • Fetch a Montessori rug and unroll it.
  • Bring the number rods from the shelf one by one and place them onto the rug according to the length.
  • Bring a box with a number rods pattern cards and place it in the top left corner just above the mat.
  • Take the first card and place it onto the rug.
  • Try to arrange the rods according to the pattern by trial and error.
  • When you succeed, arrange the rods back according to their length.
  • Select another pattern to make or return the pattern card box and the rods onto the shelf.
  • Roll the Montessori rug and put it away.
A pattern card and the finished pattern

Some patterns are easier to copy than others. At first, select only a few easy ones to copy and save the more difficult ones for later. This way you will keep your child focused and you will continually surprise him/her with new challenges.

Printable Montessori Number Rods Pattern Cards

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