About Active Learning Ideas

The aim of Active Learning Ideas is to develop Montessori inspired activities to help children learn by doing.

Some activities are directly based on Montessori materials but provided in pdf format so that you can easily print them at home; some are based on other alternative approaches from Waldorf education or vedic mathematics.

Maria Montessori Portrait

Maria Montessori was an Italian teacher who developed her method to help children to reach their full learning potential. Children from poor working families had very little stimuli from home because they were very poor. A hundred years later, Montessori method helps our children overcome the quite opposite problem, too much of stimuli that lead to low level of concentration, short attention span and learning difficulties.

Maria Montessori said, “I just started the work”. Montessori is a philosophy and approach to teaching and learning we should build up on. It’s not a rigid set of materials. You can create you own but each material should be well thought through.

What does a Montessori inspired activity look like?

  • Montessori materials need to stimulate intellectual as well as soul functions.
  • Montessori activity is done in a meditative state.
  • Activities are ordered in a progressive manner to maintain the flow.
  • No multitasking – do one thing at a time.
  • Each activity has a distinct beginning, action and end.
  • Montessori materials are self-corrective – there is a control of error, so that a child can work independently.
  • Materials should have aesthetic value and stimulate a sense of beauty.